“Keto” Noodles

As I was sifting through Keto recipes recently, I came across what are being called the “Miracle Noodle”.

So what exactly ARE these Miracle Noodles? Their official name is Shirataki Noodles and they are best known for their non digestible carbs and almost non existing calories. Thus making them a huge fan of folks who practice the Keto lifestyle. They are also known as konjac noodles as they are made from a type of fiber, glucomannan, that comes from the root of the konjac plant.

Most of the noodle’s carbs come from this fiber and is predominantly populated in China, Japan and Southeast Asia. They are 97% water and 3% fiber. It’s that little bit of fiber that surprisingly also make these a filling dish.

Because they also digest and move through the system slowly, you’ll find yourself staying full longer. These are popularly substituted in recipes in which standard flour noodles play their part. From a health standpoint, the fiber also serves as a prebiotic support of the gut and the gut flora which is that bacteria that lives in the colon.

Although there are no studies exclusively on Shirataki noodles specifically, many believe they are a powerful weight loss tool. And at 30 calories a package, you can afford to go back for seconds!

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