Effective and Recommended “Diet” for Women Over 40

So, what IS the best diet for women over 40? There are so many out there in which to choose. Some people argue it is the Keto diet. This doctor of Osteopathic medicine is a believer. Read the article here.

Some have argued that Keto won’t work for women over 40. But this couple would beg to differ. Read about them here. They also offer 10 tips for you!

I’ve been living the “Keto Lifestyle”, as I like to call it, for many years. It was suggested to me by one of my doctors given my autoimmune problems. First thing I noticed was how much weight I lost. Next, the biggest benefit of all, was how wonderful I felt! I was supercharged and back to my old self in less than six months. And THAT was dealing with an autoimmune problem that attacks the thyroid making weight loss nearly impossible! So I figured, if I can do it, anyone can!

The basis behind why Keto works so well for EVERYONE is its low carb element. You may have heard of Atkins before. Atkins is slightly different and actually dangerous if done for too long. Therefore, it is not a long term solution to weight loss. Nor, was it intended to be. It was intended to be help seriously overweight people lose weight fast before surgery so they would be safe to go under the knife. So, yes, the low carb thing does work. And it works for ANYONE no matter how old or what gender you are. Don’t be fooled by anyone trying to convince you otherwise.

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