Choosing the Best Weight Loss Program for Women Over 40

  Almost anyone can be successful on any type of diet, but for those with diseases such as Hashimoto’s or thyroid conditions, if you stick to the plan.  The problem is the latter which is why new diets come along and become a fad.  Some remain strong today and others gain quick popularity until another, seemingly better, option comes along.  Choosing the best weight loss plan has become a task in itself with all the variations out there today.  There are certain criteria that should be considered when making a selection.  Things like age, current health, gender and present weight should all play a role when it comes to making a decision.   There are a few health improvement plans planned explicitly for ladies in their 40s and beyond. Below are the top picks you may want to consider that even some experts have “weighed in on” (pun intended)! #1. Low Carb Diets: It goes without saying, anyone looking to lose those extra pounds will typically need to be staying away from those starches and “bad” carb cuisines.  It is especially important for women over 40.  Anna Cabeca, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine believes the ever-popular Keto diet is the best for women over 40. You can read what she has to say about it here.  This one is not going anywhere anytime soon and looks like it is here to stay! #2. Low Fat Diets: Fat loss diet plans for women mainly work by reducing your overall calorie intake.  This can be a hard diet to stick with and is why it was a here today, gone tomorrow fad.  But it can still be effective providing you have the discipline and support necessary for its intake restrictions. #3.  Meal Replacement Diets: Meal replacement diets became popular with the Slim Fast craze years ago and is still holding steam.  The convenience of grabbing a shake and the fact that they have created some pretty tasty “meals in a can” has appealed to busy professionals.  It has been recommended for ladies over 60 in part due to some of the nutritional enhancements.  As we age, it can get more difficult to get in all the nutrients needed each day which becomes increasingly important, particularly as we age and tend to have more health ailments.   #4.  Whole Food Diets: This is another diet that has been recommended for women over 60.  It’s common knowledge these diets are plenty healthy and most everyone knows that processed foods are on the “no no” list for almost any diet to be successful.  They are also naturally lower in calories than a processed food diet.  Unfortunately, it is another diet known to be difficult to stick to. #5 Vegetarian Diets:  It goes without saying, this only works if you plan to, or already are, a vegetarian.  Thus, it is definitely not for the bacon lovers out there!  This plan is best for women over 50.  You still would also need to make healthy vegetarian food choices as going on a complete vegetarian diet does allow for an all you can eat French fry feast all the time.  But it still can be very effective but is best to consult your physician before making any drastic changes to your dietary habits overnight.  It is often recommended that vegetarians find alternatives for proteins. While this is by on means the end of all the dietary options available today, it is a list of some top picks; especially for women in the over 40 age group. The founder of MoJabba Plant Therapy was in her 40s when she was diagnosed with Hashimotos.  At the recommendation of her doctor, she was put on a low carb diet much like the Keto diet.  The Keto diet has also great for anyone who has other autoimmune disorders. That’s why we, and our team at MoJabba Plant Therapy, have recently developed a plan specifically for this age group.  You can read more about it here. As mentioned above, you do always want to consider your present health and weight loss goals before making a decision on a particular diet.  And it is always wise to consult with your physician.

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