Our Story

Introducing MoJabba Plant Therapy

At MoJabba Plant Therapy, we believe in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by using a more
natural approach. Whether you are suffering from a medical condition or would just like
to live an overall healthier lifestyle, we can help. We found that natural alternatives to
pharmaceuticals are safer, more affordable, and work better!

Many prescription medications are designed to treat only our symptoms and can have
unwanted side effects. When we decide to approach our health in a more natural way,
we can treat the cause of the problem rather than just the symptoms for long-lasting,
real results. When you shop at MoJabba Plant Therapy, you can rest assured that you
are receiving only high-quality products made from natural ingredients.

At MoJabba Plant Therapy, we don’t stop at just supplements. We believe a healthier
you consists of feeling good about yourself on the outside also. Feeling good on the
outside translates into a happier, healthier you!. And do watch for our upcoming line of cosmetics!

Thanks for stopping by, please stay a while and see all there is to offer at MoJabba
Plant Therapy.

About the CEO

I’m Rhonda, founder and CEO of MoJabba Plant Therapy. I’ve dealt with multiple, often debilitating, autoimmune issues for over 25 years. As a result, I have spent years researching and searching for options outside of medications. I’ve found most medications weren’t treating the root causes of my problems, but only masking the symptoms. It was essential for me to find alternative ways to get both pain relief and improve my health. It was my vision to be able to share those remedies with others. Our natural supplements and products at MoJabba Plant Therapy can help with treating pain, prevent future problems, and are a safer, better option to pharmaceuticals. As a survivor of breast cancer for the past 10 years and as a sufferer of other health issues, I’ve learned what natural remedies work best for maintaining a healthy diet and would love to use that knowledge to help others.